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Let us not dwell only on what I have done, for deeds of the past, though mighty, are no more. No, better to also say who I am and what I can do here in the now, and in the future.

I am a son of Odin, and nine mothers - sisters all - and at the edge of the world I grew, increased by the might of the earth, of the wave-cold sea and the blood of a sacrificial boar.

I can hear the grass grow out of the ground. More than that, I can hear wool grow upon a sheep's back, and I need less sleep than the birds themselves. I can see to the end of the world and beyond, in day as in night. Whatever I gaze upon cannot be hidden from my sight.

In Midgard, I once walked the land, Rig was the name I used. Succor was I given in three different homes as I passed, and both man and wife offered me comfort between them for three nights each. Now my children's children thrive in that world, both great and small.

I can take the form of man or beast, and as a both bear and seal I did I battle a certain unnamed godly thief to bring back the belt Brisingamen to Freyja herself.

I am owner and guardian of the Gjallarhorn, and upon the day I blow it, my brethren will gather and begin the battle to end all battles when at last Ragnarok arrives. And too, the bright sword Hufund is strapped to my side. In my hall, even Odin One-eye has bragged of my mead, sweet and strong that is is.

Odin's sons have I watched, and Odin's sons have I given counsel to. So too have we battled, for that is the way of life. Mayhap we shall battle again, for I am staunch and true to my king's word and rule - and the king's sons are ever tenacious gods.

I am Heimdall, the bright one, gold of eyes and gold of armor; warden of the Bifrost bridge. I am the first line of defense of Asgard, and I never sleep.

Typist is over 21. Muse is roughly 5000 years old. This journal is for role play only. I am not a Norse god, nor am I Idris Elba.

Heimdall's current story line is taken from Marvel universe movies Thor, and Thor 2 The Dark World. Heimdall's background and history are mainly based on certain historical/mythological aspects, with physical abilities coming from the Marvel Universe. Why? I've haven't read the Thor Comics, and I don't see myself getting my hands on them any time soon. However, the Marvel Wiki on Heimdall explains his abilities and vulnerabilities better than I ever could.

Heimdall's wiki is here.
And for the curious, there are a few more links to Heimdall here.
Height, weight, and expanded view of powers can be found here.
And then there is some research material as well as the player's notes on the character over here.
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